Monday, 6 June 2011

Stained Glass Swallow

I tried to post this yesterday but I couldn't upload any pictures. Now that I can, here is the post!

Bird suncatcher hanging up
I can't believe it's over two weeks since my last post, how time flies! Anyway, I've been off this weekend which has been lovely and today I've been getting back to my stained glass. It was my Nana's 80th this week so I wanted to make her something and I decided on a bird suncatcher. I did this design a while ago and decided it would be perfect for the occassion. I did swallow type colours as I had lots of bits of blue and a few bits of red and I love swallows. I think the red really finishes this bird off. I've also done the soldering on a leaded piece I started months ago. I will eventually finish it! Again, it has a bird theme (but I'm not obsessed, I just like the shapes and colours!)
Design and cut glass

The finished suncatcher

Catching the sun(!)

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