Monday, 10 October 2011

My Space

My desk

Last weekend we went to Newcastle as there were a couple of exhibitions I wanted to see (Nora Fok at Shipley Art Gallery; closed, boo! And at the Baltic, Maurizio Anzeri; fantastic!) Here's a link to the Baltic site with a summary of the exhibition:

On the way home we went to Ikea as I wanted a desk and we needed yet another bookcase. When I first finished my degree I pretty much stopped making art. However, in the past couple of years, the past year in particular, I've started making work again which is great. However, I've been working on the floor, which hurts my back and the dining room table which means I can't really leave stuff out as we use it, strangely enough, for dining. So, I'd reached a point where I was desperate for a little space to use as my studio. We have a very small spare room (partly very small because it's full of my stuff) so I had to choose a small desk. It's far from my dream studio but I'm so happy to have my little space where I can go and work and leave things spread about and everything's to hand.

Inspiration board and mannequin

My stuff!

View from the door

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