Friday, 27 April 2012

Rag Rugging Creations

Standing Wool Creations

All in a days work

I've spent a lovely day today learning about rag rugging. For my Mum's birthday I bought her a workshop and obviously I couldn't let her go alone so today we've been busy creating wondrous things under the guidance of crafts-person Gill Curwen. It was a really good workshop which introduced us to several different techniques including proddy, hooking and standing wool. We were encouraged to try each technique and then spend some time developing a small piece of work or a sampler. I particularly liked that as well as introducing us to the basic techniques Gill showed us ways to take things further. She also showed us lots of examples of her own work which were really beautiful and inspiring. We came away keen to take things further and feeling full of enthusiasm. You can find out more about Gill and see some of her work on her website.

Proddy and Hooking Techniques

Detail of proddy work

Proddy work

Standing wool


Standing wool-first attempt

Standing wool and shirring


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