Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spooky Screen Printing

Ghosties and Pumpkins

I work at The Heathlands Project, a social enterprise supporting adults with disabilities. Yesterday two very exciting things happened at work. Firstly, we were on T.V. (watch us here) and secondly (and in  my opinion even more excitingly) my Monday art gang and I did some screen printing. I love screen printing; it's such a simple way to get really professional looking results.


Last week we made some stencils by doing simple Halloween themed drawings which we then cut out. Some of the guys needed a bit of support with this and some of them managed just fine without me! This week I got one of the guys with whom I've done quite a bit of screen printing to demonstrate to the rest of the group how it's done. He did a great job and was really good at supporting other group members throughout the process.

First time screen printing

Pro screen printer

My design

We were just using normal copier paper to make our stencils and we got 2-3 prints from each stencil before needing to wash out the screen so we ended up with a good selection of prints to make into bunting. The guys did so well I'm thinking of locking them in a room to produce beautiful screen prints for me! I'm really looking forward to decorating our cafe area with the bunting next week.

Cats and Pumpkins

Bats and Cats

Beautiful Bunting

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