Sunday, 3 March 2013

Life Drawing 21.2.13

Hand study, continuous line in pen

I've been so busy with happy house moving that it's taken me ages to get around to taking the pictures for this blog post, but here it is. Better late than never!

How do these sessions come around so quickly? That's not a complaint, I really enjoy them but it feels like a lot less than two weeks in-between. Nick was our model again for this session and again provided us with some interesting poses to work from. It was nice to again welcome a new face to the group and hopefully another new face next session.

Hands, pen

Hands, pen

I struggled to get into the swing of things this evening, I'd spent some time on Wednesday preparing some papers so was feeling all organised and ready for action but somehow that took a while to translate into drawings I was happy with.

This started off in pencil but ended up in pen. Not a drawing I'm very happy with.

I did a lot of pen drawings again this session and I tried my two pen technique using two shads of blue. This gives quite a different affect to the blue and red which I quite like, it's a bit more subtle and doesn't mess with your eyes quite so much!

2 blue pens at once

My beloved water-soluble graphite thing wasn't working so well for me this evening. I was very disappointed with my 15 minute pose drawing and I only really got going on the long pose about half way through. But it is all experience and one of the things that I really like about life drawing is that I can treat it purely as an opportunity to draw; it's great when I produce work that I'm happy with but its main purpose is to get my drawing. The actual taking part is more important than the end product.

Water-soluble graphite on prepared paper

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