Monday, 2 September 2013

Life Drawing 22.8.13

Water-soluble graphite

Another busy few weeks and no time to keep my blog up to date! Since the pageant I've done some melty plastic workshops, life drawing, mint fest and a few other bits and bobs. But I will start with the last life drawing session.

Continuous line, pen

It was a very enjoyable session and as always our model gave us some excellent poses, I always enjoy drawing this model as I love the rhythmic curves her poses create. I especially enjoyed the longer poses this session and was pleased with my drawings. I worked with the water-soluble graphite both in washes and using the graphite stick dipped in water to get strong, dark lines.

30 minutes, water-soluble graphite

'Random Fall' Continuous line drawing, pen

Continuous line, pen

I did a lot of line drawings again as well as quite a lot of 'blind' drawing (drawing without looking at the page.) I very much enjoy the freedom of drawing in this way; because you are not looking at the page you don't expect your drawing to look good so you stop worrying about it and just draw. As a consequence the drawing actually does tend to be quite good because there is no pressure and no worries and you very much draw what you see. I also find that the more I do it the better it gets, the communication between the eyes and the hands becomes very quick, almost bypassing the conscious mind. It is quite an instinctive process and very relaxing.

'Blind' drawings, hands and feet

Semi-blind drawing

'Blind' drawing

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