Monday, 23 December 2013

Life Drawing: October-December

Usually I try and post about each life drawing session I run within a week, partly because I like to keep up to date with things and partly because otherwise I forget what happened. However, as things all went a bit crazy in October/November I totally failed to post about any of the sessions or indeed about anything else. So, here is a selection of drawings from the last four sessions. The photographs aren't great quality on account of the fact that either there has been no decent daylight in which to take pictures or when there has been I have been out. 

31st October

Water soluble graphite stick

Blue pen

Pen, continuous line



14th November

Continuous line, pen

Continuous line, pen

Continuous line, pen. Detail of a bigger drawing.

28th November

This session was a lot of fun as the model brought his bike in and did a set of poses on the bike. It was quite a challenge but really good to try something different and it really helped to get some more dynamic poses which hopefully translated into more exciting drawings.

Continuous line, pen



Detail of head 

Continuous line, pen.

12th December

It's been a funny set of sessions; out of 5 sessions I had to re-arrange the models for 3 of them. Luckily I have a group of excellent and very reliable models who were able to help me out, sometimes at very short notice. I'm looking forward to getting going again in the New Year and hopefully trying a few new things out.


Possibly my scariest drawing to date

Water-soluble graphite stick

Continuous line, pen

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