Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Felt making Adventures

Rolling out the felt

Today was the second session in a block of felt making sessions I'm currently running for the No Borders Art Group. I have worked with the group on several projects before (most recently on an interiors project) and always enjoy their company. The group is now based at one of Carlisle's Day Centres (we used to work down at one of the local community centres) and the group is made up of adults with learning disabilities from the day centre. The programme is organised and run by Prism Arts.

Laying out the fibres

Making 3D felt using a plastic resist

I have done felt making with the group before and the idea of this block of sessions is to take the skills the group have already acquired and really develop them. It was great going in today and hearing their ideas and coming up with some plans. We also had a new member of the group who has taken to the process really quickly and I think will produce some beautiful work.

Making felt beads

Beads and cords from last week

I find it very enjoyable and satisfying working with a group over a period of time, it allows you the chance to develop good relationships where ideas can be expressed and explored together. It is also exciting seeing people grow in skill and confidence and knowing that you are part of that process. It is also very inspiring creatively as people often come up with new ideas and ways of doing things that you might not otherwise come across.

Making a felt 'sausage' to slice into beads

First go at felt making

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