Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Life Drawing 10.2.15

Pen, continuous line

Sometimes I like to write my posts straight after the event I'm writing about, whilst everything is fresh in my mind. Sometimes, however, I need to sit and stew for a bit before I put finger to keyboard (that really doesn't have the same ring as pen to paper, does it?) Last week was fairly horrible for various reasons which, like most things, fade with time to become significantly less horrible. So, I am writing about last week's life drawing session in a more positive frame of mind, as I'm having a much better week this week.

Mixed sketches


Foreshortened leg

The session itself was, as usual, very enjoyable. I am lucky to have a roster of talented, reliable models who I know will always do a good job. Jude, our model for the evening, had some excellent poses and created some really interesting shapes. As I mentioned in my last life drawing post I'd been thinking about props and such like so I took a few bits along that Jude used to great effect.

Two coloured line drawing

Two coloured line drawing

Two coloured line drawing

Permanent marker

It's been good leaving it a while before writing about this session, even though I'd enjoyed the drawing and talking to the rest of the group when I came away at the end I wasn't at all happy with my drawings. I didn't think there was much good in there. However, looking back over the drawings to photograph them there are actually quite a few that I'm pleased with, including some from the longer pose that I had really struggled with.

30 seconds, blind

Red pen

Semi blind drawing

I did my usual mix of pen drawings; mostly fine ink pens and then a bit of permanent marker for a change. I experimented a little bit this week with using different pens for different parts of the drawing. For example, when Jude had the gloves on I used a different colour for the gloves and the body. I'm really pleased with how some of these have turned out because at the time it didn't feel like it was working very well.

Continuous line

I also did quite a bit of 'blind' drawing and some 'semi blind' drawing-where I give myself the freedom to not really worry about the results or whether it's a proper not looking at the page drawing but just try and capture the pose quickly and simply. I'm very pleased with the red line drawing (although it does look a bit like a murder scene) because I think the red makes it quite startling. For me it suggests there's a story behind the drawing.

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