Sunday, 22 November 2015

Life Drawing 17.11.15

Charcoal pencil

It always surprises me how quickly these sessions come round! I wasn't expecting a great turn out as the weather was a bit wild but the hardy artists of Cumbria turned out in force. I find that there tends to be a better atmosphere if there are a few more of us although I'm not sure exactly why.

Pen, continuous line

Pen, 'blind' drawing

Following the lines of the pose

November is often a slightly odd month for me, it always looks like it's going to be quite quiet and then suddenly it gets very busy. This year has followed this pattern and I was not at my most alert and awake for this session, couple this with coming down with a cold and it wasn't the best combination for a productive evening. However, I bravely soldiered on and as always enjoyed the time to focus on just drawing.

Pen, continuous line

Adding a bit more detail than ususal

Hand studies

I'm not really pleased with any of the drawings from this session, my proportions are all out and I struggled to capture the poses but it was good to have the time to just sit and observe and draw. Part of the reason my drawings aren't so good is that I've once again fallen out of my daily drawing habit so that's something to try and pick up again.

Permanent marker

Permanent marker

Red pen

We had some interesting poses and good angles but I just wasn't in the right frame of mind this session but I don't mind because for me the main point of Life Drawing is just to draw. To not worry about the outcome but to observe and try to capture these observations. The process is the important part rather than the outcome, although it is always a bonus if you can produce an outcome you're pleased with too! So, back to the drawing I must go and get my eye 'in' for next month's session!

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