Thursday, 14 April 2011

Holiday Inspirations

We've just come back from a few days away in beautiful County Durham, the landscape is so wild and magnificent. We went to Killhope Lead Mining Museum yesterday which was fantastic and makes me very glad to live now!

One of the ways the miners used to pass the little spare time they had was to make spar boxes; collections of minerals they'd found whilst working in the mine displayed in (you guessed it) boxes. Some of them are really lovely works of art. There is also a piece in the museum by a contemporary artist (whose name I cannot remember and who I cannot find reference to on the great interweb, please let me know if you know who she is as I would like to properly credit her and see more of her work!) in response to the site and the spar boxes. Her piece is a beautiful, contemporary take on the theme which draws inspiration from the surrounding flora and fauna.

Installation view



Cauldron's Snout Waterfall-I climbed this!
I feel quite inspired after our trip away, hopefully this will translate into action over the next few days!

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