Thursday, 28 April 2011

Magical Quiltage

As well as entering a piece of my own work for the Festival of Quilts I'm also making a quilt with my Textile group up at The Heathlands Project.* Last week we painted up our background and fabric for the tree and today we started stitching the tree (which I cut out) onto the base fabric. The group members designed the quilt themselves and are using the skills they've learnt in the group to make the quilt.

Here is the fabric just after being painted last week:

'Tree' Fabric

Background fabric
Here is the fabric with the tree cut out and pinned on:

Background with tree pinned on
I can't wait to see how this piece works out, everyone is very excited about it and it's great seeing it grow week by week. I do find it slightly odd that in my own work I only use muted, subtle colours and almost always have a very limited palette whereas when I work with other people we always seem to produce very bright, exuberantly coloured work.

* We work with adults with learning disabilities and run a range of projects including art, I.T., horticulture and enterprise as well as a small cafe. We believe in community and environment and all our work centres around developing a better community and environment.

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