Sunday, 28 August 2011

Craft Stall-The Day After

Our stall (my stuff on the left of the table and Gen's on the right and far left)
Well, it wasn't a great success yesterday. It was very very quiet, I don't think many people knew about it and as it was in an upstairs venue tucked away in a quiet area not many people happened to find us by accident. However, there were some very nice people there and I enjoyed talking to some of the other stall holders and seeing what everyone had on offer. It was also lovely to work with Gen a bit more and her lovely mum, Michelle. It also means that I have lots of stuff ready to list and put on Folksy so that's good!

Michelle and I were discussing the connotations of the word 'craft' and whether perhaps a better title would be decorative arts. A lot of people seemed to think some of the wares on offer were over-priced, maybe not appreciating just how much time and effort goes into making each piece. Perhaps using the name  decorative arts, rather than crafts, would help to emphasise the time, skill and workmanship involved and help people understand why handmade is often more expensive. An interesting discussion!

(Mostly) My stuff

Beaded Crochet Necklaces and Owl Keyrings

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