Friday, 25 November 2011

Warwick on Eden Craft Fair

Owl brooches

I love the night before (or in this case two nights before) a craft fair. This is the time when I lay it all out, label it all, make price tags and (generally) feel quite good about all the work I've done. It's quite satisfying after weeks of slaving away to see it all laid out, I start to imagine how I will set my table out, what might sell and the people I might meet. I generally don't do anymore making as by now I'm usually very tired and happy to get everything ready then curl up with a glass of wine and a sense of anticipation.

Assembled bits and pieces

I'm going to have a stall at the Warwick on Eden (it's just outside Carlisle) Christmas Fair on Sunday but tomorrow I'm doing a craft fair up at The Heathlands Project (a social enterprise supporting adults with disabilities) and then I'm off to see a reading of Under Milkwood in Hayton so I won't have time to prepare tomorrow. It should be fun on Sunday as I've offered to share my table with my friend Helen, she hasn't done a craft fair before but is keen to give it a go.

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