Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Quick charcoal sketch (5 minute pose)

Last Thursday was the first of my Life Drawing sessions of the new year. It was a really quiet group but a really good session, helped ease us back in gently! Here are some of my drawings. I'm finding it hard to work on a drawing for any length of time at the moment, I find 15 minutes is about as long as I can stick with one drawing. I also prefer my freer, shorter drawings. I suppose it feels like there's less pressure to produce a 'perfect' drawing if you only have 5 minutes. When you start working on something for a length of time the pressure mounts!

Long pose, short drawing. Graphite sticks


Detail of pen drawing

2 minute sketches. Pen

Charcoal, I am incapable of getting a drawing on one page (20 minute pose)

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