Monday, 28 May 2012

Birthday Printing

Packaged envelopes

My partner and I have just spent a lovely weekend in Manchester with his sister and mother celebrating said mother's birthday. We enjoyed the sun, became revolutionaries at the People's History Museum and had a fantastic meal at Greens in Didsbury. It was very strange for me as I used to live in Manchester but have not been back for a couple of years, it was mostly the same with a few differences. I was very ready to come back to sunny Carlisle by yesterday evening as it's so manic in the city. I had a great weekend but I love living up in Cumbria.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is to tell you about what I made for partner's mother as a present. Which is a personalised stationary set. We wanted to get her something she'd use but that wouldn't take up too much room as she has recently downsized. So, I thought as she is a very friendly and sociable person a writing set would be a nice gift. I also knew that she liked Rennie Macintosh's work so I carved two stamps from lino and used them to decorate some writing paper and some envelopes. I also made some little note cards and then tied it all with pretty ribbons. I think she was pleased with the set and I think it's a really nice gift idea I will use again.

Work in Progress

The lino stamps

Rejects and tests

Assorted printed bits

Envelope detail

Envelope detail

Paper detail

The finished set


All packaged up

Writing paper


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