Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Mystery Project

The finished piece

The final project in the Art House Co-op's 10x10 series is the Mystery Project. You get sent a theme and a marker and have to make a piece of art and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find. My theme was 'The Future of the Year' and I really struggled to think of something. So, I left it to the last minute! Last night I thought I really should do something as the deadline is today so I thought about what a good future would be like; recycled and handmade, obviously! I decided my signature style of crocheting and melting plastic bags would be good so I made a pretty flower with a chain so that whoever finds it and takes it home can hang it up. A little card explaining what the piece is and it was ready to go.

In my window



Crocheted plastic bag flower

The whole thing

Detail of card

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