Monday, 17 December 2012

Life Drawing 13th December 2012 (plus buttons)

Detail of drawing. Water soluble graphite on prepared paper

The last life drawing session this year; our model Martin gave us some excellent poses as always and this time I managed not to cause him too much suffering! I started off with my usual pen drawings and for the longer poses I used the water-soluble graphite. As I had some prepared paper to work on I got a different effect to last session as the paint I use to prepare the paper mixes with the water to make a paste, giving a different texture.

Permanent marker
Permanent marker


I was also very excited as one of my regular attendees (not sure that's a word) very kindly gave me two tubs full of old buttons. Collected over two generations there are some lovely buttons and I've had great fun already having a look through. You can never have too many buttons!

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