Saturday, 5 January 2013

Postcard Art

Pencil drawing

Whilst avoiding doing any work by looking for work (thus bypassing the need to feel guilty, so the theory goes) I came across The International Postcard Show being run by Surface Gallery in Nottingham. The basic premise is you do a postcard sized piece of artwork, send it to them and they will display it in their exhibition. The postcards are for sale and any not sold are sent to another participating artist. It sounded like a fun idea and a good excuse to get myself working so I thought I'd have a go. The postcards have to be there by this Friday so I've been working on mine today, ready to post off on Monday.

The finished postcard

I started off by preparing some paper with paint, newspaper and lace (to make a pattern in the paint surface.) When the paint was dry I used pencil to draw hands stitching. The paint gives a really smooth surface so the graphite slides along really easily making nice smudgy effects. I used red pencil for the thread to add a bit of contrast and stitched around the edge of the postcard with blanket stitch. I then mounted my drawing onto a fabriano postcard to make it a bit stiffer and postcard like.



Small projects like this I think are great because they get the creative juices flowing and get me working without the fear of committing to a large piece of work or feeling overwhelmed. Also, it's a nice thought that people are going to see what I've done and someone else is going to end up with it.

Back of the postcard

So, if you find yourself in Nottingham between 16th January and February go along and see what people around the world have sent in.

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