Saturday, 26 January 2013

Life Drawing 24.1.13

30 minute pose. Water-soluble graphite, graphite and crayon on prepared paper.
Another really good session; a great turn-out and lovely to see both new and familiar faces. One of the great things about organising these sessions is that even when I really don't feel like it (and I really didn't this Thursday) I have to go. This is a good thing because I do always enjoy it and am glad that I've made the effort. I enjoy the drawing and find it inspiring and I also really like catching up with everyone. So, thank you everyone who comes along, you help make my Thursdays better!

5 minutes. Pen

5 minutes. Pen. I should have stopped after the arm, it all went a bit skew after that!
Our model this week was Martin who is always a pleasure to work with. We had quite a few standing poses which was good as usually I tend to go for more crouch-y poses so it was good to try something a bit different. I mostly worked in pen again this week except for the longer pose where I used a combination of water-soluble and 'normal' graphite and wax crayon on a prepared background. I tried to get in a bit of detail and am reasonably pleased with how this piece has turned out.

Two pens together

Red pen, continuous line

Red pen
I like this set of drawings from the final 10 minute pose. Although I've used the same media throughout I like that each drawing has a slightly different feel.

10 minute 'droopy' pose. Pen.

15 minute pose. Pen. Hand detail.

15 minute pose. Pen. Continuous line.

15 minute pose. Marker pen.

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