Sunday, 11 August 2013

Life Drawing 8.8.13

Water-soluble graphite, 15 minutes

I really enjoyed this session, it was great to welcome a new artist and Martin, as always, provided us with some excellent poses.

For the longer poses I worked with water-soluble graphite, building it up dry first then working back in with water and then with the graphite dipped in water to get really dark areas. I was very pleased with the drawing above, especially when I pinned it up and allowed the water to run down which I think gives the drawing more atmosphere and feeling.

For the long pose (30 minutes) I ended up spreading across multiple sheets of paper (again) and so my proportions are all out but I still quite like the drawing, I think I may break it up and have it as 2 or 3 separate drawings as there are some interesting area but they don't fit together!

Hands, pen

Feet, pen

Dangling feet, pen

As ever I also produced multiple pen drawings, focusing on hands and feet as I find them a challenge to draw but I like the unusual shapes they create. The drawing above I really enjoyed because it was such a funny pose. The top half was very serious (thoughtful head, resting chin on hand) but then the legs were dangling over the side of the chair, which is not a serious look!

'Blind' drawing

Blind drawing

I also did quite a bit of 'blind' drawing, I find it interesting to do this at the start and the end of the session as it is amazing how much ones observational powers increase in such a short time and how quickly the hand can translate what the eyes are telling it into a drawing that does resemble the pose.

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