Friday, 2 August 2013

This weeks Workshops

Banner making with Barnardo's

I've got two sets of textile workshops running at the moment, one with Cumbria Cerebral Palsy and one with Barnardo's Sure Start Children's Centre. There is some beautiful work being made by both groups and as the last couple of weeks of workshops approaches I'm feeling excited about how all the work will come together.

Felt Dog

Felt Parrot

Felt Bag with Felt Beads

Felt Bag with Sequins

The Cumbria Cerebral Palsy group is a pilot run by Prism Arts to see how arts sessions benefit the people who access the service. In my workshops we've been doing some felt making and this week we moved on to embellishing the felt. The small sample pieces from the first week have been embroidered and embellished to look like animals and the 3D felt bags have also been embellished. There is a very positive atmosphere in this group and they pick things up really quickly.

Designs are drawn in fabric pen then embellished with stitch, sequins, buttons and beads

Hand stitching

The Barnardo's group I'm working with consists of mothers and their children and we've been working on embroidered animals and plants. Each person is working on an individual piece and next week we will start joining them all together to create a banner to be carried in Carlisle's pageant in a couple of weeks. You can find out more about the pageant by getting in touch with Impecunious.

Tonal stitching in a flower design

Adding beads

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