Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Life Drawing 17.10.13

Continuous line, pen

We had a new model for this session and it was really interesting to see how how models approach poses very differently. We had some great poses and it was a nice challenge to have someone unfamiliar to draw.

5 minute pose

5 minute pose, several drawings on one sheet

Hands and a foot!

I was really pleased with my drawing tonight. Unusually I took a lot more time than usual on the longer poses (just doing one drawing rather than several) and although there is always room for improvement I'm pleased with some of the results.

15 minute pose, pen

30 minute pose, water-soluble graphite
I also went back to my water-soluble graphite this week and am pleased with the way the drawing has come out. It was an interesting pose with the legs turned in which made for some funny angles but a good challenge.

Continuous line

Hand study


I really enjoy running these sessions but it is sometimes a difficult balancing act. From a drawing point of view it is great to have new models, giving us a different challenge and stopping us relying on what we know and focusing instead on really looking. On the other hand, the 'familiar' models have all been great models, been reliable and helped get the group started so I don't want them to feel they've been 'dumped' in favour of, literally, a new model. I'm hoping that next year I will be able to offer sessions to everyone and no-one will feel left out!

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