Sunday, 6 October 2013

Life Drawing 3.10.13

Drawing with loops
I've talked before about how mood affects my drawing and vice versa and this session was a good example. At the start of the session I was quite stressed and uptight because a few things had gone wrong beforehand (well, not so much gone wrong as not gone right!) but by the end of the session I was feeling relaxed and more energised. This was also reflected in my drawings, I found it hard to focus at first but soon began to relax and enjoy my drawing.

Drawing with loops

Drawing with loops

Martin, as ever, gave us some excellent poses. He used an umbrella for the first warm up poses which was great, it was a bit 'Singing in the Rain' which was very appropriate given the weather. It also led to a conversation about themes and the idea of doing themed sessions, I think it could be an interesting one to explore. Funnily enough it also came up in an email conversation with another model so I think there must be something in it!

Paring things down

'Blind' drawing

I was experimenting a bit with my pen drawings this evening, trying out drawing in loops and then in contrast paring the lines right down to try and capture the essence of the pose. The results were mixed but like all experiments some useful and interesting bits came out.

Pencil loops and lines


Pen loops

The next set of sessions takes us up to Christmas so if you feel like a bit of relaxing drawing in the madness that is the festive run-up come and join us. All the details are below but feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Life Drawing in Carlisle

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