Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In the cat house

Harry's House

Back in November we got a cat, a rescue kitten from Wetheral Animal Refuge. I looked around for a nice pet bed but couldn't find one I liked and also I wanted Harry to have something handmade. So, I had a look on the internet and decided to make a sort of house/nest type affair for him.


I used boodles, a yarn made from the waste from t-shirt production and an 8mm hook. I made the pattern up as I went along but basically it is a circle, into a basket then decreased again to make a roof-with an opening of course so he can get in and out. It was quite hard work as the yarn, being fabric, is quite tough and the house itself is quite heavy. I added a hanging loop so I need either to hang the bed for Harry or put a wire frame in to support the structure.

And out again

I finished the house just before New Year and despite trying to lure him in with treats Harry has remained monumentally unimpressed with my efforts, preferring to sleep at my door or under the table. So, I was very excited when he eventually, and without any prompting, went into the house to try it out. I didn't have my camera but luckily my Mum was there and took these snaps on her 'phone. I'm hoping that he'll use the house a bit more now either as a hidey hole or as a bed but either way it made me happy him trying it out.

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