Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Marvellous Mood Boards

Mood board for a bedroom

Back in 2012 I did a series of textile sessions with the guys from No Borders Art Group, a group from Carlton Day Services who have been working with Prism Arts  to develop their creative and artistic skills. I really enjoyed the project and was really pleased when I was asked back to do some more sessions with them.

Building  mood board layer by layer

Looking for inspiration

This time we are looking at interior design and we are going to make model rooms. This follows on from a project that the group did with another artist where they made model houses. So, to start off with I thought it would be very helpful (and fun) to make some mood boards. I think that mood boards are a great way of sorting through ideas as they help bring lots of different elements (colour, texture, shape and so on) together in a visual way that makes it easy to pick out themes and create an atmosphere (hence the name mood board.)

Working together

A very precise approach

We used papers, magazines, ribbons and fabrics in our mood boards and I love that each persons is quite different and the way they approached it was quite different. I'm really looking forward to getting going on the models and seeing their ideas come to life.

Finished mood board

Finished mood board

Finished mood board

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