Friday, 25 April 2014

Life Drawing 24.4.14

Pen, continuous line

A slightly odd session last night because it was probably the last one at our current venue. Since the line dancers began using the main hall our peaceful group has become slightly less so, making it more difficult to relax and concentrate. I have been thinking about changing things with the sessions for a while anyway because although the group is lovely there are not enough people to make it financially viable and so I've been considering ways to keep it going without me losing money!

Permanent markers, continuous line

In terms of drawing it was a good session. Our model Jude gave us some really good poses; they were quite challenging and I found it really hard to capture them but I enjoyed it because they were interesting and it's good to be pushed out of our comfort zones. Jude gave us a lovely pose wearing the shawl and holding the parasol but however hard I tried I really struggled to get the proportions right so I tried drawing each element (body, shawl, parasol) in a different coloured marker. This seemed to help and I'm pleased with this drawing. Using the different but toning colours is potentially another way to develop my drawings. 


Overlapping sketches. Pencil, continuous line

Pencil, continuous line

As well as my pens and permanent markers I worked quite a lot with pencil this evening. I still worked with continuous line but tried to focus on getting different qualities of line for a different effect. I'm pleased with how some of these drawings are starting to develop, they have a different quality to my pen drawings and are a bit more subtle. 

Pencil, continuous line

I also tried to challenge myself this session by having a go at doing a portrait. I'm not very good at faces, I much prefer hands and feet but as it is an area of weakness for me I thought I should have a go at improving and the only way to do that is practice. It's not a great portrait but there is a likeness and I'm quite pleased with it as a starting point.

Pen, continuous line

Pen, continuous line

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