Saturday, 5 April 2014

Puppet Making Workshop

Circus Ring Master



I had a great day at Tullie House last Saturday running a puppet making workshop for Creative Futures. They have been running an animation project in five Carlisle primary schools and on Saturday they held screenings of the animations at Tullie House. I was asked to do a drop in workshop that would tie in with the project and with the Mechanical Circus exhibition. I thought that simple puppets would be good as they would be fun to animate and they could be based on characters from the exhibition.

Beautiful colours

Cutting and colouring

More colouring

I created some templates and examples and then enjoyed seeing what ideas the children came up with. They created everything from cats, to snow leopards, to kangaroo-monkeys, to button monsters to pop stars. Seeing people take my ideas and develop them into their own individual projects is one of the things I love about my work.

Fire breathing Dragon

Fluffy the super collaged cat

Sleepy Surfer

We used split pins to attach limbs so that the puppets would be pose-able and it was great seeing people playing with their finished puppets and making them interact with each other. The workshop was for the children involved in the animation project who were aged 9 and 10 but as a lot of them had younger siblings they joined in as well. With a bit of help with the cutting for the younger ones they all were able to make their own puppets.

Lovely lion

My examples

My examples

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