Friday, 23 May 2014

I love cutting and sticking

Collaged Bird
When I was at University my Mum explained to her friends young daughter that I went to a big school to learn about cutting and sticking, I've always rather liked this explanation of my profession and it is probably more accurate than I would like to admit. As last weekend was so lovely I decided it should be devoted to all things enjoyable so I worked on a couple of cutting and sticking projects. Collage is such a satisfying way of working and is so versatile, it can be used to create great artworks or to breathe new life into old containers and anyone can do it.

In progress

Hopping around 
Lace motifs form the wings
I made the bird quite a while ago now, it was going to be a part of an artwork but I changed my mind about what I was doing so he has sat on my shelf unfinished for ages. The body is made from newspaper wrapped in masking tape with wire legs and a card beak and tail.

Lace eyes

Painted legs

Adorning my bookshelf

To complete him I first covered him with a layer of white linen scraps (from an old tablecloth) and then a layer of lace scraps. I found some lace motifs to use for his wings and eyes and then painted his beak and legs white to finish him off. He seems to me to have his own character, I'm always surprised how something handmade can develop it's own character but things do and this bird is a cheeky and inquisitive kind of soul.

Fabric collaged flowerpot 

In progress

I picked up the terracotta flower pot (with plant) for 20p from the bargain shelf, the plant has been resuscitated and I have embellished the pot with a selection of pretty fabric scraps and some ribbon and it is now adorning my desk, along with my terrariums full of cacti and succulents. It matches nicely a pair of candle holders I made from old jars a couple of months ago. Again they are covered with fabric and ribbon and look very pretty lit up from within.

Fabric collaged jars (candle holders)


Viewed from above

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