Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Steampunk Circus: Art Gallery Take-over 2014

Fancy Dress Life Drawing

I had a great time at The Steampunk Circus event at Tullie House last night running the fancy dress life drawing. As part of the Museums at Night initiative and following on from last years Art Gallery Takeover Tullie House organised an excellent event which was very well attended. Lots of people came dressed up so there was no shortage of models and there was a great atmosphere.

Getting set up

Costume Rail (but lots of people came dressed up already!)

It was really interesting because the event had quite a different feel to last year but it's hard to put my finger on exactly why. Last year was very full on, I was really busy all evening but it was more ebbs and flows this year. I brought bright marker pens for the event last year to fit with the theme and this year I brought metallic crayons and tea-stained paper. I don't think this worked as well as the markers, partly because the crayons didn't show up that well as it was quite dark and partly because people seemed to think crayons, even shiny ones, were a bit childish (which wasn't a response I had anticipated.) However, there was also charcoal, pens and pencils available so there was a good choice and plenty of people got stuck in and created some beautiful drawings.

Metallic crayons and pens

Some of the drawings

I also tried my hand at tea duelling (I lost, sadly) which was a new experience for me but very entertaining and I got to chat to lots of really interesting people. I think it's a great event because it's quite different to what usually happens in a museum.

Posing and drawing

Posing and drawing


There is an article in the local press about the event here.

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