Sunday, 28 June 2015

What's it got in it's Pocketses?

My pockets...

This weekend I have been working on a project introduced to me by an artist, Kay Steven, I first met online and who I then met 'in real life' at my Tullie Textiles group. This project is part of a larger project called From Lincolnshire and Back  from artist Carol Parker and the idea is to encourage different approaches to work and networking amongst artists. The bit I took part in involves filling three small pockets with mini artworks which will then be collected and displayed by Carol in a book format. Each of the artists taking part in the main project were asked to fill a line of pockets themselves and pass a line onto another artist, which is how I got involved!

Pockets and instructions

Making bits and pieces

Adding drawings

As some of you will know working on a small scale is really not my strong point so this presented quite a challenge for me. However, it is good to be challenged and to work in a way that you wouldn't usually and the idea of pockets fits in quite well with the work I'm doing around wrapping at the moment. As always, things connect.

Printing on plastic

Pocket contents

Drawing in printed pocket

One of the guidelines for working on the pockets was to make something that was a bit about you and your work so I decided I would include a combination of drawings and stitched work. For me this project was a bit of fun so I have used it as an opportunity to use techniques I enjoy. I made some small feather drawings, some small samples of tatting and some Dorset wheel buttons. For the buttons I used threads I'd dyed myself, the wheels are a good way to show off the subtle colour variations.

How to make things removable...

How to make things removable...

Dorset Wheel Buttons

Dorset Wheel Buttons

The pockets are made of a plastic film stitched (by Kay) onto white card. As I started working I found that there was a bit too much plain white so to add a bit of texture I printed my page using some lace and acrylic paint. This made a good surface but obscured the pockets contents, this was good as it led me to experiment a bit more.

Playing with layouts

Playing with layouts

Print and buttons

When I started out I had a fairly fixed idea of what I would make to go in each pocket but as I worked this changed several times. I played around with the layout quite a lot, changing things around and swapping things in and out. In some ways the piece is more heavily worked than I would normally make it but it still has quite a minimalist look as I stuck with my usual muted colour palette. It was also suggested that a business card or similar was included so I added one of my 'hands' cards. Originally I had been going to have it landscape which made it hard to get out of the pocket so I added a buttonholed loop and ribbon. In the end I put it in portrait anyway but I left the loop as I like it!

Feather detail

Pocket detail

Feather drawings

Card detail
Overall, I think I'm quite happy with the finished piece. It's not like my usual work but it's given me a chance to work in a slightly different way and think about things a bit differently. I like the assemblage element of this work and think that might be something to take forward. I can't wait to see other people's pockets and the different approaches they've taken.

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