Saturday, 4 March 2017

A Textiles Winter at The Heathlands Project

Detail: Winter by The Heathlands Project Textile Group 2016/17

I wrote recently about 'Dr. Who's New Scarf,' one of the projects my Thursday morning Textile group at The Heathlands Project had been working on. They enjoyed working together on this project so much that they decided to work on another group project. The group decided they would like to make a textile hanging to give them a chance to experiment with some different textile processes. We started the project in late November and the chosen theme was winter.

Using our designs to select fabrics

Layering fabrics

Working on black rather than white paper to create designs

As before we started designing on big sheets of paper with everyone working together to share ideas. We decided that we wanted the piece to be about winter but we wanted to be able to display it at any time so we chose to avoid anything too Christmas like. We also decided to chose a colour scheme of cool blues, white, silver and black.

Paper snowflakes to use as stencils for printing

Making stencils for screen printing

Screen printing

We used the hanging as a chance to try some different techniques, including screen printing, working with de-colourant cream, applique and embroidery. Everyone had quite clear ideas about what they wanted to do so we decided that everyone would make an individual panel and that we'd also make a joint panel including elements of everyone's work. We made each panel roughly A3 size so that we had a nice big area to work on.

Design created using de-colourant cream, fabric pastels and stitch

Screen printed design with stitch

Appliqued design

It was really interesting seeing people develop their pieces over a period of several weeks, experimenting with different materials and techniques. Some of the group were quite new to textiles and some very experienced but everyone worked hard and produced some great results. It was helpful for people seeing each other doing different things and I think this inspired the group to be a bit more experimental and try new things rather than all doing the same thing.

Polar Bear panel

Mountain panel
Pattern Panel

When all the patches were finished I stitched them together and added a backing and some hanging loops. Now we just need to find a home for it!

Igloo Panel

House and Snowman panel

Snowflake Panel

The finished hanging

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