Friday, 21 September 2012

Life Drawing 20th September 2012

Quick brush and ink sketch
Another quiet but successful session last night. Our model Martin had some excellent poses for us. I was struggling with getting the proportions right last night and there were a lot of my drawings that I was not at all happy with. However, there are a few that aren't so bad. I tried to be a bit more controlled and less scribbly this week, not sure how well that worked for me! Foe next session I think I'm going to prepare some papers to work on to add a bit more textural interest to my drawings. I might also do a really super-huge one, especially if it's a quiet session.

Pen, 2 minutes

Pen 2 minutes

Pen, 2 minutes

Pen, 3 minutes

Pen, 5 minutes

Pen, 2 minutes

Ink, 15 minutes

Ink, 10 minutes

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