Friday, 7 September 2012

Life Drawing 6th September 2012

Brush and ink. 10 minute drawing, 45 minute pose
I really enjoyed the first session back after the summer last night. It was really nice to see everyone again and  although I was a bit worried about how my drawing would be as I've not done much over the summer I was really pleased with some of the work I produced last night.

First drawing of the evening! 2 minutes, red pen.

As well as my usual pen drawings I took some drawing ink last night as I always mean to be more organised and take different media but I never quite get round to it! It was great working in a different media and I'm happy with the drawings I made and will I think do some more work in this way. As I like working in a free, expressive way the ink suits my style well, as I think the splashes and running adds to rather than detracts from the drawing. I like the rhythm of the repeating curves in the first ink drawing (see top of post.)

4 sheet drawing, blue pen. 10 minutes


White wax crayon, ink and water. 

If you are interested in attending any of the sessions feel free to get in touch! I have also taught a life drawing session for Carlisle and Border Arts Society so if your group is looking for a tutor for a one off or series of sessions let me know!

5 minute pose, green pen

Same pose as above but very quick drawing

Last drawing of the evening. Green pen, 1 minute

Continuous line drawing of 45 minute pose. Black pen, 5 minutes.

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