Friday, 30 November 2012

Life Drawing 29th November 2012

Water-soluble graphite (detail)

A busy session last night with some new faces which was great. Having missed a session because of the Police Commissioner elections it felt a bit strange to be back but it was good to get drawing again. Even though I'd had all that time I still didn't manage to prepare any more papers so I was just drawing on cartridge paper, which felt like a bit of a let down so I'll have to try harder this time!

Water-soluble graphite, 25 minutes

I again experimented with the water soluble graphite, I really like using this as I think it creates quite an interesting effect and I like letting the water run down the drawing.

Ball point pen, 10 minutes

Pen, 1 minute

2 pens, 3 minutes

Red pen, 2 minutes

I also did a lot of pen drawings tonight as I was feeling rather tired and unimaginative, however, I'm pleased with how some of them have turned out. Last time Nick modeled for us we joked about super-hero poses so at the end we did an action pose to finish off, it actually worked a lot better than expected!

Action pose, 30 seconds

Action pose, 1 minute

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