Friday, 2 November 2012

Life Drawing 1st November 2012

5 minutes, permanent marker

An interesting session again last night. Martin gave us lots of great poses, although I felt rather cruel as he seemed to be suffering in most of them! Sorry Martin. As last session we'd had lots of open poses I asked Martin for more crouched, twisty poses this time, which were great to draw but not much fun to hold.

3 minutes, continuous line using a permanent marker

Very unusually I managed to do not one but two of my drawings on one piece of paper. This is a rare occurrence so to make up for it I did a really big drawing and still didn't fit the whole pose on! In yet another strange turn for almost all the poses I did just one drawing, even the 30 minute pose. I also had a bit of a go with some colour. Not sure how I feel about this but I'm trying to keep experimenting all the time.

15 minutes, oil pastels

30 minutes, water soluble graphite (3 sheets of paper)

I'm really enjoying working with the water-soluble graphite, although I missed my prepared papers this week. You'd think two weeks would be plenty of time to get some paper painted up really but it would seem not! I like letting the water run, taking the graphite with it and I like the more subtle tonal variations that can be achieved.

15 minutes, water soluble graphite on inked paper

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