Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Big Knitathon

Bags and bags of donated squares and yarn. Thank you!

Today I am suffering, I have a sore throat and am full of sniffles. I think it may have something to do with being out in the cold all day yesterday for The Big Issue's Big Knitathon. It was, however, totally worth it! As Faye and I set up we were joined by several keen knitters who'd heard about the event and had come to join in. Throughout the time we were there people came in to see what we were doing and get involved. Several people also came and donated bags of squares they'd made which was very generous and very much appreciated. Also much appreciated was Mike (my boss at The Heathlands Project) turning up and not only putting up our gazebo but also providing us with chairs and a spare table. Much swearing and cursing was thus averted!

The paper got all the good pictures but here's a quick snap!
We raised £14.62 through our collection box but more impressively we collected and knitted over 250 squares with a further 70 or so already sewn together as the start of blankets. Well done Cumbria's Knitters! A special thank you to Jill of Jill's Jams who donated a huge bag of patches and a crocheted blanket. Thank you also to Cornerstone who donated yarns and needles to the event and Sue of Truly Twisted Yarns who also kindly donated yarn and came and joined in.

My friend and Co-Knitter Faye

We were also joined by The News and Star and ITV Border News so hopefully they will feature us and help raise awareness. If you would like to help out you can still donate through Just Giving. All money raised goes straight to The Big Issue Foundation.

Close up of donations

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