Sunday, 10 February 2013

Life Drawing 7.2.13

2 minute continuous line drawing in pen

A somewhat stressful start to this evenings session; I got home late after a meeting at work to find my model had emailed saying they were unable to make the session. Cue major panic and a flurry of emails in an effort to find a model. Fortunately, one of my regular models was able to make the session so everything worked out just fine in the end!

Hand study, pen

Hands, pen

I wasn't so happy with my drawings this evening, I think maybe because of the stressful start and coming down with yet another cold (when will the snot cease?) However, there were a few line drawings I liked and although the proportions are a bit out I was pleased with my drawing from the long pose (see last picture.) I chose to take a slightly unusual approach to the composition which I think has worked quite well.

Quick line sketch

Drawing feet without looking at the paper

I like drawing Nick as he has a very 'solid' feeling. When I draw him I feel the need to make big, substantial drawings. I enjoy the fact that all my models personalities affect how I draw them; I think it is an important element of life drawing to draw the person rather than just the body.

30 minute pose, water-soluble graphite

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