Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Panto Madness!

My favourite backdrop-The Giants Castle

For the past couple of months at Heathlands I've been working on making some props and painting some backdrops with the guys for Hayton village's pantomime. The pantomime 'Jack and the Giant Leek' was performed last week. Unfortunately I couldn't go as I was full of plague (so bored of snot now.) So, I only have a few pictures and I don't have any snaps of the giant leek I made (which really was giant; around 4 m long, I made it so it could 'grow.') I also failed to get any pictures of cloud land or the severed princess' arm but maybe I can see if anyone else has any.

Graffiti-ed Standing stone, made of paper-mache

Detail of Standing Stone

Despite the late nights, lack of space and stress it was mostly a fun project and is something I would like to do more of. This is said a week after the event; last week I was seriously not ever going to do it ever again but a big thank you must go out to my colleagues at Heathlands who got all the backdrops finished off whilst I was working elsewhere. Otherwise there would have been more stress, and probably tears! Maybe next time I'll insist on doing it with a dedicated group rather than having to persuade and cajole my usual art group!

Meat (I enjoyed making this way too much)

Working on the giants castle


Drawing out and painting the village scene

The house that Mike built; set with functioning door

Grotty Cottage backdrop



Village scene backdrop

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