Saturday, 15 June 2013

Applique and Embroidery Workshops

Selecting motifs

Thursday was the last of my No Borders workshops at Carlisle Library. It was a really nice chilled session and it was great to be able to see the work come together. There are just a few more bits and pieces to finish off and then it can be installed with the work from the other workshops! In the workshops I've been running I have encouraged people to experiment with different fabrics and stitches to create 2D pieces that I have then (with their permission) sewn into cylinders which will hang from the library ceiling. This way, all their work is visible from all sides and because of the movement of air in the building the pieces will gently spin and catch the light.

Work made so far

One of the finished pieces

Set u and ready to stitch

I had all the work done so far taped up in the work-space and it was great to hear people's thoughts on the work so far. I'm very pleased with how the work has come together, and having seen the work from other groups I think the whole ensemble will look fantastic.



I also covered the last of the fabric collage workshops as the artist who has been running them couldn't make this session. The workshops were aimed at older adults and I really enjoyed working with the ladies who came along. I've not got much experience working with this group of people but I thoroughly enjoyed it, they were all really friendly and we had a happy afternoon stitching and chatting away!

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