Sunday, 30 June 2013

Life Drawing 27.6.13

30 minutes, water-soluble graphite

The last of this block of sessions and it was a nice relaxed session. We had a new (for us) model which was great and we had some really good poses from him. It was also good because I didn't have to do the timings which left me free to focus on my drawing.

3 minutes, pen

5 minutes, pen

I was quite prolific this week although I couldn't seem to get anything other than my tried and tested pen and continuous line to work! I did do a big water-soluble graphite drawing as well which turned out quite well. It is spread across three sheets and I'm quite pleased with the composition of it, which was semi accidental.

Hands and feet, pen

Drawing without looking at the page, pen

Continuous line, pen

2 minutes, pen
New Dates!

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