Friday, 26 July 2013

Life Drawing 25.7.13

Pen, continuous line

Last night was the first in this set of sessions and we had a new model. She was a little nervous I think but did a really good job, giving us some lovely poses. It was also nice to have a new model to draw as I find it makes me think more about my drawing and makes me want to try new things.

Pen, continuous line

Pen, continuous line

I was also pleased that a couple of new people came down to draw, as well as my faithful regular artists who always make an effort to come and support the group and are a big reason why I keep the group going.

Pen on prepared paper


I did a lot of quick line drawing this session, longer studies didn't seem to be working for me. For the longer pose I used water soluble graphite dipped in water and pencil but I struggled with the proportions and foreshortening of the pose.

Pencil, continuous line (30 min. pose)

Water-soluble graphite

I was really pleased with this little sketch that I did without looking at the paper. It's a very relaxing way to draw as you don't expect the drawing to be perfect so you are more able to appreciate its qualities. I was also pleased with the two 'crouchy' pose drawings.

'Blind' drawing

Pen, 5 minutes

Pencil, 10 minutes

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