Tuesday, 11 March 2014

No More Chickens...

The Opulent Room

Last week was my last session with the No Borders Art Group, which was a bit sad as it's been a really fun project but also quite exciting as they got their rooms finished and in two weeks time they have an exhibition. I've really enjoyed this project and I think that the group have learnt a lot, developed their skills and developed a real understanding of how to take an idea and make it into a successful project.

Chicken Bunting

Bunting (detail)

Print on coloured paper

Print on coloured paper

As one of the participants had finished their room a while ago and had been working on prints on fabric which we'd sewn up into bunting she decided to spend the last session making some prints on paper that could be framed for the exhibition. She worked on different coloured papers, giving very different effects.

Stained Glass Window

A luxurious set up

During the session before last one of the participants had made a window for her room; she wanted a stained glass effect so we collaged tissue paper together and stretched it across the 'window.' In the last session she covered the outside of her box with satin and added a lace trim, this served to cover the joins but also fitted in well with the opulent, luxurious theme and all the amazing accessories she has created.

Pink and Purple Retreat

Texture and colour

Beaded chair

And a garden

Last but by no means least the other member of the group wanted to add a garden so she selected different images from magazines and collaged them onto the outside of her box.

The chicken kitchen

Chicken wallpaper

I'm so impressed with the finished rooms, the care and attention to detail is great and I think that they have succeeded in creating beautiful set ups that reflect their personalities wonderfully. I can't wait to see the exhibition!

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