Friday, 18 July 2014

Animal Kingdom iArtBook


As I blogged about earlier one of my aims for this year has been to find more time for my own practice. One of the ways I have been developing my work has been entering various competitions and prizes. As you would expect this has met with mixed success; I was accepted for Open Up North at The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal but not for the Derwent Drawing prize, for example. One of the things I have been successful with has just been released; an interactive book published by Pandora Publications entitled 101 Artworks featuring the Animal Kingdom. This is really exciting for me and also a very nice confidence boost!

The book features work by over 80 artists working in a variety of media and includes information and links to each artist. The iArtBook is available to download on ibooks. The video above gives you a bit more information and shows some of the artists included.

My piece of work is called 'Onwards' and features a crow flying through a misty environment. The piece was made at a time when I felt things were definitely changing for the better but there was still a way to go. The crow, able to see past, present and future simultaneously according to mythology, flying through the mist and rain seemed to me to represent the way I felt at the time. The piece is made of hand dyed, painted and printed silk organza with machine embroidery and hand printed and painted paper.

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