Monday, 28 July 2014

Wedding Bits and Bobs

Celebratory Bird

It is once again the season of weddings and we've had two close together this year. Both of them were close friends and both incorporated a lot of handmade loveliness so it was only natural I suppose that somewhere along the line I would get drawn in! I always like working on personal commissions and special occasion pieces as it is nice to know where your work will end up and I like to think that the little bits that I make go to helping make the whole occasion even more special.

Little bags

Bead and charm detail

Bead and charm detail

For the first wedding the lovely bride had done almost all the handmade bits herself but asked me to make a couple of little purses for her bridesmaids to wear round their wrists to keep all their essentials in. I used satin fabrics in the wedding colour scheme and finished off the bags with some heart shaped beads and little key charms. I did have a cunning plan of using bangles for the handles but it all went a bit awry so instead I used pretty ribbon and made them into drawstring pouches.


Dress clips

Gathered jacket

I also replaced the buttons

The second wedding was very much a handmade affair with almost everything made by the couples friends and family. My contribution was altering the wedding dress, a lovely vintage piece with a lacy over jacket. I gathered up the jacket at the back to add a bit of structure and interest and made a corsage to finish it off. I also made some little clips so that the long dress could be (elegantly) hitched up for dancing and merry making!

Bird and Heart

Eye detail

Heart detail

As gifts for both couples I made bird cushions with hearts embroidered with their names and the date of the wedding. I forgot to take pictures of the first one but you get the idea from the second one! These birds are based on the one I made for another wedding commission earlier this year. Last, but not least, congratulations to both couples and may your lives together be happy and joyful.

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