Friday, 25 July 2014

The Summer

The finished quilt

It is that crazy time of year again when I face the challenge of putting together The Heathlands Project Textile group quilt. Every year I say this is the last one but at the start of the week I found myself once again stitching like a crazy thing to get everything completed and sent off in time. It is, of course, all worth it in the end. The group puts so much time and effort into the project and they are so proud of the finished pieces and the fact that they are displayed down in Birmingham that soon the aching back and sore fingers don't seem to matter much!

Corner detail

Edge detail

However organised I am there is always a last minute rush as people want as much time as possible to get their contribution finished, which generally leaves me with minimal construction time and so sometimes the finish isn't quite what I would hope for. That said I'm always pleasantly surprised by how well the work of so many different people comes together to create a unique and beautiful piece of art. I always ask the guys to choose a theme and colour scheme at the start of the project so that there are common elements throughout everyone's work and the group are now quite used to working with each other.

Main panel (detail)

Character detail

For various reasons the group has been a bit disrupted this year but they have still managed to create a piece of work full of interest, skill and charm. I like all the little characters that have emerged in this piece; the group choose 'The Summer' as the title of the quilt and there are lots of beautiful flowers blooming across its surface and little animals hiding all around.

Border patch

Detail from main panel

The quilt consists of a main panel embellished with fabric pastels, appliqué and embroidery surrounded by batik and embroidered border patches. The quilting consists of cross stitches in the corners of the patches. All the fabrics were tie dyed by the group at the start of the project. I like running the quilt project with the group as it is a chance to try new techniques and for everyone to work together to create something special. The quilt will be on show at The Festival of Quilts down at the N.E.C in Birmingham in August after which we will find it a home at The Heathlands Project.

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