Friday, 23 September 2011

Dinosaurs and children

Big Draw, Big Dinosaur

As part of the Big Draw (a national campaign for drawing) we at The Heathlands Project are working with a local school in Rockcliffe. Today we worked with reception and years 5&6. The theme of this years Big Draw is 'The Drawing Age' and so my friend and colleague Helen, who has set up our Big Draw open day on 8th October, thought it would be a great chance to look at drawing from the past, in the present and how it could be in the future. So, starting with pre-history and the reception class we all worked together to collage a giant stegosaurus that Helen had drawn out and then over the collage we drew on the scales. The finished dinosaur looks great, it's really effective and the children really enjoyed working on it as did our members (we support adults with learning disabilities.) Helen worked with the older children to produce hand leaves to make a tree, each person's hand features a drawing of something important to them.

Dino Detail

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