Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Stole of Many Purples


In my insatiable quest for knitting knowledge I managed to buy two copies of the same book (at different times, I'm not that bad.) Luckily my friend was starting to learn round about the time this occurred so I gave one copy to her. The first thing she picked out was the thrifty stole, a wrap made from all your odds and ends in a feather and fan stitch pattern. It's a lovely stole although as I pointed out to her it's not so thrifty if you go out and buy more yarn for it than you already have, but that's by the by. Anyway, I was flicking through the book on Sunday when I came across the pattern again. My stash is beginning to get what some people would term unmanageable so I decided now was the time to make the stole. It's also been a little chill of late and the thought of a nice cozy wrap was rather appealing. So, here is the Work In Progress, with some of the oddments I'll be using up. And I definitely won't be buying more yarn for it. Well, maybe a little...



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