Thursday, 22 September 2011

Shadowfolds-New Obsession!

Detail: Back lit shadowfold #1

Detail: Front lit shadowfold #1

I got the book 'Shadowfolds-Suprisingly Easy to Make Geometric Designs in Fabric' yesterday and I feel a small obsession coming on. Using 'simple' join the dot type patterns the book shows you how to produce some amazing effects. The potential is amazing, I can imagine a really beautiful installation using these techniques. Anyway, I had to have a go last night and even though it is quite a simple process it is quite fiddly but the results are totally worth it! I used a crochet edged linen mat that I got in a charity shop and it holds the creases really well.

Back lit shadowfold #1

Front lit shadowfold #1

Shadowfold #2 before pressing

Shadowfold #2 after pressing

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