Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pom-Pom-a-licious Scarf

New season, new scarf!

I sorted out my fabric stash last week as it was in serious danger of taking over not only the spare room but the entire house. Whilst sorting I came across a long piece of purple embroidered crinkle cotton. I was puzzled by this discovery, why would I have cut a long strip of fabric? I then remembered that I'd used it previously as a cravat type thing when I was the Mad Hatter. So, I wrapped it around my neck as I was running out of space to create new piles of fabric when it struck me that it would make an excellent autumn scarf. I had a rummage through my trims box and found some pom-pom trim and an idea began to form. I didn't have enough pom-pom trim so I put it on my shopping list. Anyway, today I went to get said trim, there was no purple but they did have shocking pink and I decided that this would work very nicely so I purchased 5m and headed home to commence makeage.

In progress

I'm very pleased with the outcome, the colours work well together to create a bright fun accessory and it's the perfect weight for this time of year. There's a definite chill in the air which I love as it means it's getting close to hat, scarf and gloves season. If you would like to make a similar scarf, the instructions are up on Burdastyle (


Well wrapped

More draped

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